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Web Chairman: Joyce Bulington
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updated: 12/08/11

* denotes latest articles listed 

bullet The Search for Salad Greens .... by Dottie Trinkle

bullet Flower Show Anyone?  by Danielle Bills  
bullet The Growing Addiction by Ruth Moorhead
bullet Flower Arrangers' Must-have Horticulture Grow List by IAAFSJ
bullet Care of Winter Indoor Plants by Rosemarie Springer
      Indoor Plants Part II by Rosemarie Springer   
bullet  Addiction to Winter Seed Sowing  by Michelle Rowland  
bullet "Cheryl's Tips" by Cheryl Toney
bullet "Power of the Prairie: Roots" submitted by Beverly Russell
bullet Endangered Species submitted by Judy Wessel
bullet Why Xeriscape?   by Linda Eads  
bullet Youth Garden Clubs by Michelle Rowland
bullet Monthly Program Ideas by Bonnie Carrell  *
bullet You Want To See Your Photos?  Photography Chairman  Judy Fornshell  
bullet Yearbook Preparation   Sylvia Miller  
bullet Central Region Life Membership Chairman    Judy Newman  
bullet Ad sizes and prices for Indiana Gardens   Editor Myra Bottoms
bullet The Playground  Membership Chairman 10-05   Joyce Bulington  
bullet Try, Try and Try Again!  Membership Chairman  2-06  Joyce Bulington  
bullet "Thoughts" from a Membership Chairman   9-06  Joyce Bulington  
bullet Invite New Playmates ... Membership Chairman  1-07 Joyce Bulington
      Membership Ideas submitted by Chairman Cheryl Toney 10-07  
     Want Ad for Garden Club Members Copied from The Capital Gardener magazine  
bullet Environmental Schools Chairman  Helen Merrill  
bullet Birds & Butterflies Chairman   Jill Dinsmore
bullet Member Services Chairman Cynthia Wright 
bullet Why Be Federated?!  Membership Chairman  1-07 Joyce Bulington
bullet Uniting With Mother Earth by Dottie Trinkle
bullet BIRDS!!!!  Birds & Butterfly Chairman   Jill Dinsmore
     Blue Star Marker History  Chairman Katrina Vollmer  

Articles of Interest


from other sources

bullet  New Club Success Tips taken from KIT
 written by NGC Membership Chairman  Shirley Nicolai
bullet History of the National  Butterfly Garden Project by Gerry St. Peters

Annual Check-up for Garden Clubs by Gerry St. Peters

bullet Plant a Historical Tree taken from Indiana Gardens 2004
bullet  Mentoring taken from KIT written/compiled  by foormer NGC President Kitty Larkin
bullet Slugs from National Website in 2004
bullet  Design Tips - Conditioning Tropical Flowers
bullet Waxing Flowers  unknown
bullet Flower Pounding unknown
bullet Reef Relief a message from National                 
     FYI memo's from Ruth Moorhead about conditioning gerberas & deer repellant  
bullet Poem about Dandelions by Broad Ripple Garden Club Member Pearl Joffe