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President’s News



                                                                                  “Roadsides, hillsides, parks, Blue Star Memorials,

                                                                            Await plantings by the score. 

                                                                            Garden Clubs’ footprints should be busy

                                                                            Engaging in creative projects galore."

                                                                                                                 Nancy Grady Wilson                                                                          


Hello everyone in the great state of Indiana.   


You have all been busy getting ready for warmer months, and a summer packed with great garden club projects and adventures.   


I’ve just returned from the National Garden Clubs convention in Biloxi, Mississippi.  What a great adventure it was meeting garden club members from across the nation, and I’m proud to say, your state projects are right up there with the best.   


The “Plant America” theme will be ongoing for the next two years.  My President’s Project theme is “Plant America with More Members.”  With membership declining in our state it is vital we encourage and reach out to new members.  Our environment needs them. Potential members are waiting to join. If your club has reached its maximum membership, help sponsor a new club.  Watch for more information on how your club can participate and win awards.   


As Norman Winter, Horticulturist, speaker, and author says, garden club members are feared and respected by local governments.  We are the Green Berets of the garden club world, the doers and shakers who help protect our planet.  Keep up the good work, you make us proud.