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Our gardens and homes have never felt as important to us as they do at this time.  We have spent a summer enjoying, and working more doing the things we love to do, garden, explore, and experiencing.  We have appreciated how much these things provide, not only as a sanctuary but as a place to keep us safe and comfortable.  We have turned to our environment, which many of us seek inspiration from, each and every day.

Your state officers remain diligent in working for your club to help maintain stability in all that we continue to accomplish.  Even though state functions have been canceled this year, District Directors meet on a regular basis via Zoom video conferencing to make sure projects remain alive and well.

We have a great celebration to look forward to next year.  A committee is working on The Garden Club of Indiana, Inc.’s 90th active year as an organization.  Fun and good times are in our future.

Many of your clubs have started meeting again under safe circumstances.  I know it has been good to see friends and discuss your club’s ongoing activities.  Don’t forget, your club can apply for an award if you participated in the Woman’s Suffrage Movement this year.  The award is on the TGCI website.

I am so pleased to announce that The Garden Club of Indiana, Inc. in 2019 gained 160 new members.  In 2020 we gained 126 new members including a new club.  Thank you so much for helping with this endeavor and supporting the President’s Project, Plant America With More Members.

The Hobart Garden Club, in the Northwest District, made an appearance in the summer issue of The National Gardener regarding their curbside plant sale to raise funds for club scholarships and planting native trees in our state.  Congratulations Hobart.  Congratulations to all clubs who participate in state and national projects!

The summer issue of The National Gardener also highlights the renewed interest in vegetable gardens.  Yes, the “victory garden” has returned.  Applause to clubs and club members who have renewed or started their interest in this environmentally friendly, and yummy, project.

Many thanks to our leaders and club members for their continued efforts in keeping our work alive.  Your success is so greatly appreciated.