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Flower Show Schedule


Awards are available to a club, clubs, district or council for a flower show schedule. (No application forms are necessary.)




1.  GENERAL INFORMATION                                                                                                              7 POINTS

            May be on Cover and/or Title Page

a.   Name/s of NGC sponsoring club/s.

b.  Location of Show with complete address.

c.   Appropriate Show theme or title.

d.  Date:  Times of opening and closing.

e.  Stated:  A Standard Flower Show.

f.    Stated:  Open and free to public.  Open and price of admission, or by invitation.

g.  Stated:  Member of NGC, Region, District and name of local affiliation (if any).


2.  FORMAT                                                                                                                                         4 POINTS

               a.  Cover and Title Page.

               b.  Table of Contents (optional), but all pages must be numbered.

               c.  Committee Chairmen with telephone numbers listed. 

               d.  General Rules.

               e.  Standard System of Awards and Top Exhibitor Awards offered.  State in full or

 with HANDBOOK page references.  Include minimum

 requirements, sections and classes where offered.

f.  Divisions-Order is determined by staging requirements.

                  Division I:    Horticulture or Design-specific Division rules, Sections and Classes.

                  Division II:   Design or Horticulture-specific Division rules, Sections and Classes.

                  Division III:  Special Exhibits-Sections may be:  Educational, Youth, Sponsored

                 Groups, Gardens, Artistic Crafts.


3.  GENERAL RULES                                                                                                                           17 POINTS

         1.  Stated information applying to the entire Show                                                         11 pts

               a.  Who may enter Exhibits in each Division.

               b.  Complete procedure for making entries-if procedure varies from Division to

        Division, state within Division Rules.

c.   Dates/time and place for accepting and removing exhibits.

d.  Time of judging.

e.  Specify Chairmen to be present during Judging.

f.    Specify obligation of Classification Chairman-Checks for conformity to the


g.  State:   Decision of the Judges is final.  Awards may be withheld if not merited.

h.  Clarify state policy concerning use of state’s native plants and those on its

     conservation list.

i.    Stated:  There must be an emphasis on Fresh plant material.  No artificial

     plant material in any division.

          2.  Correctness and clarity of all states rules                                                                 6 pts


4.  AWARDS                                                                                                                                        10 POINTS

          1.  Information to be stated                                                                                          6 pts

               a.  List:  All places, ribbon colors and point values with statement that the NGC

                    Standard System of Awards will be used for all competitive judging.

b.  List:  Top Exhibitor Awards being offered with either full descriptions or

     HANDBOOK pages.  Include:  minimum number of Exhibits and Classes

  Required; identify Sections/Classes eligible.

          2.  Correctness of Awards offered                                                                                  4 pts






5.  HORTICULTURE RULES AND CLASSES                                                                                        23 POINTS

          1.  Information to be stated                                                                                          14 pts

                a.  All plant material must be fresh and have been grown by the Exhibitor.

                b.  Rule regarding period of ownership prior to show.

                c.  All entry cards are to be filled out in advance, if possible.  Advise how entry

         cards may be obtained.

    d.  Specify restrictions on potted plant containers.

    e.  All entries are to be labeled by genus; species, and/or variety, common name

      may also be given.

 f.  Specify who is to furnish cut specimen containers.  If required of the Exhibitor,

                    specify clear, preferably colorless, glass bottles.  Include type of wedging and

                    anchoring allowed.

 g.  Stated:  Classification Committee has authority to subdivide Classes as

                    necessary (optional, since allowed in the HANDBOOK).

          2.  Correctness and clarity of Stated Rules                                                                     3 pts

          3.  Correctness of Horticulture Classes                                                                           6 pts


6.  DESIGN RULES AND CLASSES                                                                                                     23 POINTS

          1.  Information to be stated                                                                                          14 pts

                a.  Design must be the work of one individual.  Exception:  Club Competition

                    Award, but plant material need not have been grown by the exhibitor.

b.   Fresh plant material may not ever be treated in any manner.

c.   If Designer is unable to fulfill assignment, it is the Designer’s responsibility

to find a replacement.

d.   Dimensions of allocated space (frames of reference) and all provided

background/staging.  Advise if Designer must/may provide own staging needs.

e.   Design Scale of Points (optional) or state HANDBOOK page.

f.    Freedom of style:  Traditional, Creative with or without required type.

g.   List things permitted without schedule approval, or refer to HANDBOOK pages.

          2.  Correctness and clarity of Stated Rules                                                                     3 pts

          3.  Correctness and clarity of Design Rules                                                                     6 pts


7.  SPECIAL EXHIBITS DIVISION                                                                                                    10 POINTS

          1.  Information to be stated

                a.  Phrase or paragraph describing each Educational Exhibit.

                b.  Description of staging facilities in all Sections: size of exhibition area,

                     background color, tables, restrictions.

 c.  Competitive or non-competitive.

          2.  Correctness and clarity of this Division                                                                      4 pts


8.  THEME OR TITLE EXPRESSED THROUGHOUT ENTIRE SCHEDULE                                             6 POINTS

          1.  Division and Sectional sub-titles related to overall Theme

          2.  Design Class titles appropriate

                                                                                                         TOTAL SCORE          100 POINTS


First, second and third place awards will be given when merited.  (Certificate of Award)  Send schedule to State Flower Show Schools Chairman by December 1.