PUBLICATIONS (other than yearbooks)

First, second, third place, and honorable mention (Certificate of Award) will be given at the state convention for the entries judged best in each category. The first place entries will be forwarded by the Awards Chairman to NGC provided the application forms are properly submitted with the entries. See the Fall issue of The National Gardener in the odd-numbered year for complete rules and proper way of submitting.  

Class A.  District, Council Publications
Class B.  Club Publications

Scale of Points for Judging:

                                    General Character:
                                    Presentation                                       5 pts
                                    Achievement                                    65 pts
                                    Promotes NGC objective/s                 15 pts
                                    Record or Documentation                  15 pts

                                                                           Total        100 pts

Entries are due to the State Public Relations Chairman by December 1.