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An award of $100.00 and a Certificate of Award will be presented when merited, at the state convention, to the Indiana garden club with the most outstanding tree program. Additional awards of $50.00 may be given on occasional years when funding permits.

1. Submit an application and book of evidence (see Award Rules).
2. The book of evidence should contain photos, a financial statement, project summary, publicity, and number of trees planted.
3. Project work to be from January through November of current year, however, it may show evidence of a continuing project.
4. No club may win this award two consecutive years.
 JUDGING: The State Trees Chairman and two additional committee members appointed by the State President, will judge the books of evidence. Judging guidelines are included in the State Chairman’s files.

Scale of Points for Judging

Number of trees planted by club members on private property                                                10 pts
Number of trees planted and significance of club planting projects on public grounds              45 pts
Most significant Arbor Day Service                                                                                             35 pts
Tree planting and/or environmental education programs with youth                                        10 pts
Total                                                                                                                                100 pts

Send the book of evidence to the State Trees Chairman. Application and book of evidence due by December 1.