Member of National Garden Clubs Inc.



Awards are available for club yearbooks for the current year. Each club applying for the yearbook award should send its yearbook to the State Program and Speakers Chairman by December 1.
            Class A.  Club under 20 members

            Class B.  Club with 20 to 29 members

            Class C.  Club with 30 to 44 members

            Class D.  Club with 45 to 69 members

            Class E.  Club with 70 to 99 members

            Class F.  Club with 100 to 299 members

In the election years the rank of officers, namely, NGC President, Regional Director, State President and District Director, should be printed in the yearbook with vacant space left for individual members to write in the current corresponding names. The above listed officers’ names should be filled in before a club yearbook is entered for an award.

Never submit a yearbook without a cover.

First, second and third place awards will be given in each class when merited. (Certificate of Award)

No state application form is necessary. The State Program and Speakers Chairman will prepare two NGC application forms where merited and forward them with the winning yearbooks to the State Awards Chairman no later than January 1.



FORMAT:                                                                                                                                             15 POINTS

            A.  Book Structure                                                                                                                   3 pts

                 1.  Practical, convenient size, durable, neat

            B.  Arrangement of Contents                                                                                                 12 pts

                 1.  Cover:  name of club, town, state, year (design optional)                                              2 pts

                        If permanent binder cover is used, substitute with paper cover and include

                        required information on cover and so note.

2.  Title page:  name of club, town, state, year, number of members, affiliated

       organizations (district, state, region, NGC, other)                                                         2 pts                         

3.  Subsequent pages (in any order most useful to members)

       Club officers; club membership roster with complete mailing addresses

       and telephone numbers, names and addresses of NGC President, NGC

       Regional Director, State President, State District Director, Council

       President (if any); calendar of events                                                                            8 pts

C.    Options

      Club’s choice to include bylaws, fundraising, roll call, NGC/Region/State

      themes; club theme, if used, should be evident throughout the book.                                0 pts


PROGRAMS:  (Indicate if special interest club, e.g.. Horticulture only, Design only, etc.)                   50 POINTS


Study on variety of NGC Goals and Objectives such as Birds, Blue Star Memorials,

Butterflies, Civic Achievement, Conservation, Environment, Flower Shows, Floral

Design, Historic Preservation, Horticulture, Horticulture Therapy, Landscape

Design, Legislation, Litter Control, Roadside Beautification, US & World Gardens,

Wildflowers, World Gardening, Youth, etc.


     1.  At least seven meetings a year                                                                                        3 pts

     2.  Date, location/address, time of meeting                                                                           3 pts

     3.  Speaker’s name, qualifications (brief), program title                                                        4 pts

     4.  Programs, workshops, tours furthering NGC Goals & Objectives                                    40 pts


           Give brief word description (lecture, slides, demonstration, hands-on workshop)

            a.  Variety of program topics (theme not required)                                                       14 pts

            b.  Variety of styles of programs (lectures, slides, tours, etc.)                                      12 pts

            c.  Variety of speakers (specialists, members, panel, etc.)                                           14 pts



PROJECTS:  (judged upon scope of projects)                                                                                               35  POINTS


            Projects involve actual membership participation that benefit the community and

            further NGC Goals and Objectives (does not include fundraising or social activities)


1.    List Continuing and New Participating Projects                                                                 15 pts

2.    Give brief word description of projects:  location, how others benefit,                             20 pts

       how members are expected to participate, chairman, etc.  List

       donations: amount, in-kind donations, to whom, sale of State/NGC

       products (Vision of Beauty Calendars, state cookbook).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                TOTAL     100 POINTS