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Youth Awards


Youth Garden Clubs must be sponsored by a garden club affiliated with The Garden Club of Indiana, Inc. Sponsoring clubs should obtain manuals and reference material from NGC Headquarters and should register the club with the State Youth Chairman. Only properly registered clubs may apply for awards.

 Age requirements:

            Preschool – Kindergarten

            Grades    1 – 5

            Grades    6 – 8

            Grades    9 – 12


The following awards may be presented: 

            Class A.  Certificate of Recognized Achievement         Class E.  Horticulture

            Class B.  Conservation                                                 Class F.  Litter Control

            Class C.  Flower Show Achievement                            Class G.  Scrapbook

            Class D.  Garden Therapy                                            Class H.  Yearbook

CERTIFICATE OF RECOGNIZED ACHIEVEMENT: Qualifications for this award will be based on the entire year’s work. Program emphasis for each age group should be placed on a balanced program including horticulture, conservation, nature study, flower arranging and flower show practice.  This would include meetings, workshops, field trips, scrapbooks, garden therapy and other projects.

A Certificate will be given when merited.  If a club has won the certificate for two successive years, it must wait one year before applying for it again.

Clubs sponsoring award winners will receive a Certificate of Special Recognition.

Application form (see Award Rules) is to be sent to State Youth Chairman by December 1.

SMOKEY BEAR AND WOODSY OWL ENVIRONMENTAL POSTER CONTEST:  For current topic and rules see The National Gardener and Indiana Gardens or contact State Youth Chairman. Posters will be judged by the state chairman. Due date for current year will be found with award rules in the above named publications.

Competition Divisions:

            1st   Grade

            2nd   Grade

            3rd   Grade

            4th   Grade

            5th   Grade



POETRY CONTEST:  The contest is open to all students Kindergarten through Ninth Grade.  Special Education: Kindergarten through Ninth Grade.  For current theme see The National Gardener and Indiana Gardens or contact State Youth Chairman.

Contest Rules:
1.  All entries must be typed and titled.

2.  Include name, address, age and school grade of participant on back of entry.

3.  Sponsoring garden club and state federation name must also be identified.

4.  “Generations of Gardeners” sponsoring garden club may be that of a grandparent.

5.  All entries become the property of NGC, Inc.

6.  Poems do not have to rhyme.

7.  Poems may be traditional verse, acrostics, blank verse, cinquains, diamond poems or Haiku.


Scale of Points for Judging:


                                    Title                                          10 pts

                                    Content                                    40 pts

                                    Creativity                                  30 pts 

                                    Style                                         20 pts

                                                           Total               100 pts


Send to State Youth Chairman by December 1.

ESSAY CONTEST FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS: The contest is open to all students in the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grades. The contestant must be sponsored by a federated garden club or district. For current topic see The National Gardener and Indiana Gardens or contact State Youth Chairman. Send to State Youth Chairman by December 1.


RICHARD J. HARLEY ESSAY AWARD: ($50.00 TGCI check) may be awarded annually to the one entry judged best overall in the essay contest. 

THE BORING-WONN HIGH SCHOOL DISTINGUISHED SERVICE PROJECT: ($50.00 TGCI check) may be awarded to a high school student, grades 9-12, for an outstanding civic project making a significant improvement for public benefit, e.g. environment, conservation, landscape, horticulture, recycling, horticulture therapy, others.  A single member garden club, group of member clubs, districts, or a state garden club must sponsor the contest. 




Refer to The National Gardener for additional Youth Awards that may be offered.