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Women’s Suffrage

TGCI  100th Anniversary Women’s Suffrage Movement Project

  A one-time award will be presented at the 2021 TGCI state convention.  Individuals, clubs, and districts are encouraged to enter.  A $50 cash award to each 1st place winner in the appropriate category.  Categories 2nd, 3rd, and Honorable Mention will receive a certificate. Gardens should reflect the colors of the suffrage movement with colors of white, purple, and yellow (gold).  You may be creative and do these plantings in conjunction with pollinator, wildflower, civic development, garden therapy, and national garden week. You must submit an application of up to 3 pages and documentation. If your project does coincide with Central Region Director Jodi Meyers project of bundling projects, these will go into a book of entry for the Central Region Unified Project to be submitted to NGC for best Regional Project,  “BEE A PETAL PUSHER -PLANT AMERICA.” Your club is also eligible for a $50 club award on the Central Region level. (September 10, 2010 – title – Most successful club project bundling 2 or more projects). Send a separate application on a Central Region Award form that can be downloaded on the Central Region website. TGCI Awards Chairman will compile an entry for NGC special Award of Excellence Project.  So, by entering, you are helping your state and region and making a difference in your own community and garden club. Entries must be submitted to TGCI Awards Chairman by Nov. 1st.  A judging committee will be appointed by the State President. Entries will be judged using the scale of points on page 2 of the TGCI Awards Manual. Class 1: District Class 2: Small Club: 29 members or less Class 3: Medium Club: 30-59 members Class 4: Large Club: 60-99 members Class 5: X-large Club: 100 or more members Class 6: Individual LET’S PLANT AMERICA – HONORING THE WOMEN’S SUFFRAGE MOVEMENT.  YOUR CLUB COULD WIN UP TO $100 AND OUR STATE $600  – HAVE FUN!