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Basic Horticulture

Recognizing that not all of its members have the time or opportunity to attend the courses that NGC offers, a set of Horticulture Units was recently prepared to provide instruction in basic gardening practices. Whether you’re a novice or an “old hand” at gardening, you’ll enjoy the down-to-earth information and activities presented. There are 5 units in a 34 page binder available from National Council for $5.00 plus tax.

Call 1-800-550-6007 to order.

Lesson 1 – ANNUALS – provides basic information: what they are, how to use them in the garden, planting and maintenance.

Lesson 2 – PERENNIALS – contrasts them with annuals and describes how to utilize, plant and maintain them in the garden.

Lesson 3 – BULBS – describes the joys of spring bloom; how to select, prepare the soil, plant the bulbs and propagate them for additional bulbs next year.

Lesson 4 – TREES AND SHRUBS – how to utilize them in the landscape for best appearance, selection, health and maintenance, including a bit on pruning.

Lesson 5 – HOUSEPLANTS – for many situations. It discusses light, watering and growing conditions needed for a variety of types. The units are illustrated with simple drawings for clarification and a glossary and Hardiness Zone map completes the package.