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Environmental Schools

Environmental Schools are a series of four courses in environmental studies offered over a period of time by local or State Garden Clubs. These series are taught by professionals. Students completing the courses may become NGC Environmental Consultants.   The Environmental School has been completed and we now have seven new consultants! They are Lois Clark, Ellen Elliott, Dan Gates, Karen Hix, Patricia Johnson, Doris Kagels, and Rosemarie Springer. Linda Briar, Marilyn Parker and Mary Jane Smith have completed two classes and are considered Environmental Interns. Master Environmental Consultants have attended at least four refresher classes. They are Marie Potts, Virginia Jones, Katrina Vollmer, Helen Merrill, Maxine Huff and Edie Dyer-Wilson. These consultants are ready and eager to answer your questions and show off their knowledge and hard work. Helen Marie Merrill Environmental Schools Chairman.