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Landscape Design

The Landscape Design Program was developed by National Garden Clubs, Inc. in 1958 and has been offered by The Garden Club Federation of Maine since 1978. The stated purpose of this four–course study is “To educate garden club members and the public in good landscape architectural practice so they may serve as guardians and consultants of the natural and man made landscape”.  All are welcomed to attend the program and become educated in the principles and practices of landscape design as TENANTS OF THE LAND.

The curriculum of the program is divided into four courses. Courses may be taken in any order. Each of the four courses will increase ones knowledge and appreciation of landscape architecture, but students are encouraged to attend all four courses to obtain a comprehensive education. Material is presented in lectures with visual presentations in two days by National Garden Club accredited landscape architects, landscape historians and other related professionals. Students are urged to take the optional exam offered on the morning of the third day to obtain the most value from this program. Examination questions are based on the lectures and required reading.

Garden Club member students with passing grades of 70 or above in all four courses may apply for National Garden Club Landscape Design Consultant Status. LANDSCAPE DESIGN CONSULTANTS are needed to serve intelligently as members of park boards, highway and conservation commissions, school grounds committees, Land trusts and other community organizations. Consultants are encouraged to collaborate with members of design professions in planning grounds of parks, public buildings, botanical gardens, nature preserves and street scapes; and to use their education to compel public officials to employ competent landscape professionals in city and town planning projects.

Consultants may join the LANDSCAPE DESIGN COUNCIL, whose activities include programs, field trips, evaluation of landscapes and other aspects of continuing education through contact with fellow landscape Design Consultants. Garden Club members passing two courses are offered provisional membership in the Landscape Council. Information from National Garden Club Site