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Annual Civic Fund

Contributions to the Annual Civic Fund go to the District hosting the State Convention and may be used statewide for:

Garden-related restoration efforts as a result of disasters, such as floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, wildfires, ice storms
Increasing access to safe drinking water in areas where water is obtained from rivers, ponds, or other sources subject to contamination
Gardening, landscaping, beautification and/or restoration of local civic areas.   Please note:  Neighborhood association type projects are not eligible
Landscaping to beautify Habitat for Humanity properties

Both Districts and clubs are recognized in giving these awards.

Class A.  District with largest percentage of clubs contributing.
Class B.  Largest contribution from a District.
Class C.  Largest contribution from a Club.
Class D.  A Gold Seal will be given to clubs contributing $200.00 or more.
Class E.  A Silver Seal will be given to clubs contributing $100.00-$199.00.
Class F.  All clubs contributing $25.00 or more receive a certificate.

First, second and third place will be awarded, except in Class D, E, and F.  

Contributions from clubs are due to the Annual Civic Fund Chairman by December 1. Make checks payable to The Garden Club of Indiana, Inc. Mark Annual Civic Fund in the lower left corner of the check.

Page last updated July 13, 2020