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Blue Star Memorials

The Blue Star Memorial Markers are in recognition of servicemen and women who have served, are serving or will serve in our nation’s armed forces. Clubs desiring to establish, restore or rededicate a site should ask for guidance and assistance from the State Blue Star Chairman.

The large Blue Star Memorial Markers are permitted on the grounds of National Cemeteries, Veterans Administration Medical Centers and any other appropriate civic location. The small Byway Markers are suitable for club or public civic plantings in city, county or state parks, picnic sites, etc. They do not have to be located on dedicated highways. Permission to place and dedicate marker is usually under local or county government. The location is to be reviewed and approved by the NGC Blue Star Chairman as part of the application process.

Legislative action is required for a highway to be approved as a Blue Star Memorial Highway.

Districts, clubs and groups of clubs are recognized in giving these awards.

NGC awards available: L-1; L-2; L-3.

The following classes will apply for both Blue Star Highway and Byway:

Class A.  Club or group of clubs that does outstanding work in the establishment of a memorial site or the maintenance or restoration of an old site, or both. An award application form is to be sent to the State Blue Star Memorials Chairman by December 1.
Class B.  Largest contribution from a district.
Class C.  Largest contribution from a club.
Class D.  A Gold Seal will be given to clubs contributing $200.00 or more.
Class E.  A Silver Seal will be given to clubs contributing $100.00- $199.00.
Class F.  All clubs contributing $25.00 or more will receive a certificate.

First, second and third place awards will be given in each class when merited, except Classes D, E and F.

Make contributions payable to The Garden Club of Indiana, Inc.  Mark check in lower left corner “Blue Star Memorial.”
Send to the State Blue Star Memorials Chairman by December 1.
A committee of three (3) members, including the State Blue Star Memorials Chairman, will judge the applications for Class A.

Page last updated: July 20, 2020