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In order to encourage more beautiful Standard Flower Shows which meet the high standard of NGC, a number of Flower Show Achievement Awards are offered. These awards are located on the NGC website:
Refer to HANDBOOK FOR FLOWER SHOWS, 2017, for full details for Standard Flower Show requirements, scales of points for judging, rules for NGC Awards, etc.  It is recommended that every club have a current HANDBOOK FOR FLOWER SHOWS.  This book must be kept updated according to changes posted on the NGC website.


The award year is January 1 through December 31 annually and the due date is 30 days after the show. Holiday show applications and their supporting data must be in the hands of the State Awards Chairman on or before December 31. Allow ample time for delivery to the appropriate chairman BEFORE the State deadline. Application and book of evidence are to be sent to the State Awards Chairman.

Standard Flower Shows, Small-Standard Flower Shows and Specialty Flower Shows are eligible for both State and NGC Flower Show Achievement Awards. All shows must meet all Handbook requirements and be evaluated by a minimum of three (3) NGC Accredited Flower Show Judges.  State Flower Shows Schools Chairman must approve panel of judges.  To be eligible for the State Award, the evaluation score must be 90 or above.  To be eligible for the NGC Award the evaluation score must be 95 or above.

It is recommended that applications for both State and NGC Awards be filed at the same time. The state application form shall be clipped on top of the two NGC application forms (one of which should be permanently attached to the inside cover) in the book of evidence.

Notice of intent to apply for any Flower Show Award must be sent to the State Flower Show Schools Chairman, the State Awards Chairman and the State President at least 30 days before the date of the show for their information. The State Flower Show Schools Chairman may check schedule if requested to do so. Request three (3) copies of the evaluation scale sheets for the evaluating judges from the State Flower Show Schools Chairman.

On the day of the show, give an evaluation form to each of the evaluating judges with a stamped envelope addressed to the State Flower Show Schools Chairman. Before the judges evaluate the show, give them the number of entries in the Horticulture and Design Divisions, Special Exhibits and the number of members exhibiting in the show.

The evaluation forms are confidential and are seen only by the evaluating judges, who will mail them directly to the State Flower Show Schools Chairman. The evaluating committee should tell the show chairman whether or not the show scores 90, which is the minimum for consideration for a State award. The show must score 95 to be considered for a NGC Award.

Clubs applying for a Flower Show Award no longer need to state the award number or name on the application form. This is left up to the State Awards Chairman who will try to place each club in a separate category. This does not change any rules or requirements. For example, a Holiday Show would need to have the holiday theme, but if two clubs put on separate Holiday Shows, only one club may win. However, if one show could be placed as a Show staged in a Public Building and the other placed as a Holiday Show, both clubs would then be eligible for awards. Clubs preferring a specific award must inform the State Awards Chairman on a piece of paper which is not permanently attached to the application.

State Flower Show Awards correspond to NGC Flower Show Awards. For detailed information on awards available, NGC applications, requirements and examples of Books of Evidence, see NGC website:

Page last updated: July 21, 2020