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Garden Therapy

Garden Therapy is the sharing by garden club members of their gardening knowledge and skills to benefit the physically or learning challenged residents in nursing homes, schools, prisons, low income housing, etc.

A garden therapy program consists of one or more projects conducted on a regularly scheduled basis as a part of the garden club’s activity for the year.

Class A.  Projects and activities WITH persons who qualify

1.  Club or clubs
2.  Individual

A garden therapy project is any single unit of gardening activity conducted WITH the individuals. A gardening activity includes all phases of horticulture; the artistic use of plant and other natural materials; the study of birds, wild plants, all natural resources; and all types of horticultural, artistic and educational exhibits and flower shows.

Activity projects are those conducted WITH (subjective) the individuals in which they participate actively. The therapeutic value lies in DOING as well as in the end product. Example: a workshop in which they are assisted in making corsages to wear or give to friends has multiple benefits.

Class B.  Therapy service FOR persons who qualify

1.  Club or clubs
2.  Individual

Therapy service is a service project or projects that are conducted FOR (objective) the individuals but without their participation. The benefit lies in the enjoyment of the results. Example: Corsages made for them to wear or to give to friends. This is of less therapeutic value than Class A.

No club, individual or group of clubs may receive this award for the same project more than two years in succession.

NGC award available: G-3.

First, second and third place awards will be given in each class when merited.

Application form (see Award Rules) is to be sent to the State Garden Therapy Chairman by December 1.  A committee of three (3) members, including the State Garden Therapy Chairman, will judge the applications.

Page last updated: July 24, 2020