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DISTRICT: A certificate may be awarded to the District which reports the best horticultural project. The District Director may compile a file of horticulture projects reported by at least three-fourths of the clubs in the district. Each club’s report shall include a brief narrative description of its CLUB project and supporting data. The District Director must prepare a statement summarizing the work and evaluating the horticultural project and value.

CLUB: A garden club which has carried out a specific horticultural project for one year may apply for this award. The year’s program shall include discussions of the plant chosen. At least two-thirds of the members shall have grown the plant; evidence of this must be included in the report. Showing at club meetings is to be encouraged; if a club stages a flower show then a class should be included for exhibiting the plant subject. Publicity and pictures of the show shall be included in the data. Pictures of exhibiting at meeting would also constitute evidence.

INDIVIDUAL: This award may be given to an all-around practical gardener who does outstanding gardening in his/her own plot, not necessarily hybridizing. His/her achievement for one year must be described in a full narrative report and well documented by newspaper clippings, pictures and ribbons won in horticultural classes of Standard Flower Shows and plant society shows.

LITERARY EFFORT: This award recognizes a member or a club that writes articles on horticultural subjects. The candidate must apply for this award; submit as supportive data those articles published in the current year. This award may not be given to the same individual or club more than two years in succession.

Class A.  District doing best horticultural projects
Class B.  Club doing outstanding gardening project
Class C.  Individual doing an outstanding gardening project
Class D.  Literary effort in horticulture
Class E.  Slide or video program relating to horticulture by an individual, club/s or district  First, second and third place awards will be given in each class when merited.


Application form (see Award Rules) is to be sent to State Horticulture Chairman by December 1.   A committee of three (3) members, including the State Horticulture Chairman, will judge the applications.

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