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Land Trust

Awards are given to both districts and clubs making contributions to the current Land Trust Project adopted by The Garden Club of Indiana, Inc. in cooperation with The Nature Conservancy.

Class A.  District with largest percentage of clubs contributing.
Class B.  Largest contribution from a District.
Class C.  Largest contribution from a club.
Class D.  A Gold Seal will be given to clubs contributing $200.00 or more.
Class E.  A Silver Seal will be given to clubs contributing $100.00-$199.00.             
Class F.  All clubs contributing $25.00 or more receive a certificate.

First, second and third places will be awarded, except in Classes D, E and F.

Make checks payable to The Garden Club of Indiana. Write name of the Land Trust Project in the lower left corner of the check. The contributions will be sent to The Nature Conservancy by the State Treasurer.  Contributions are due to the State Land Trust Chairman by December 1. Include district, club and address of donor.

Page last updated: July 21, 2020