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Amy Little Mason Award


An annual award of $100.00 and a Certificate of Award will be given, when merited, to the club with the most outstanding project for the protection and/or propagation of wildflowers. It is hoped that this special award will inspire clubs to apply for an available NGC awards: NPW-1: NPW-2; NPW-3.
The following categories may be submitted:
1.  The Rural Highway or Roadside: Preservation and enhancement of the rural environment.
2.  The Urban Highway: Access and entries to towns and cities. Median plantings with native grown plants.
3.  Civic Project: This includes the use of native plants and wildflowers in a local area, such as a park.
4.  Protection and preservation of an already established natural area with a diversity of native wildflowers.
5.  Demonstration area showing the successful propagation of native plants.


1.  Submit an application form (see Award Rules).
2.  Include before and after photographs showing the progress and completion of the project.
3.  A typewritten summary should describe the scope of the project including unique aspects and design features.
4.  Membership participation and the role of cooperating organizations should be described.


Scale of Points for Judging:

Compatibility – adaptation to area25 pts

Conservation25 pts

Educational25 pts

Visual appeal15 pts

Membership and other organizational participation -10 pts

Total100 pts


Application form (See Award Rules) is to be sent to the State Wildflower Chairman by December 1.

A committee of three (3) members, including the State Wildflower Chairman, shall be appointed by the State President to judge the applications. 


Page last updated: July 22, 2020