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Awards are available for club yearbooks for the current year.

NGC award available: YB-1.
Class 1.  Club under 20 members           
Class 2.  Club with 20 to 29 members    
Class 3.  Club with 30 to 44 members    
Class 4.  Club with 45 to 69 members    
Class 5.  Club with 70 to 99 members    
Class 6.  Club with 100 to 299 members    
Class 7.  Club with 300 or more members

First, second and third place awards will be given in each class when merited. Each club applying for the yearbook award should send its yearbook to the District Director by September 1 to be given to the State Program and Speakers Chairman by September 30.  A committee of three (3) members, including the State Program and Speakers Chairman, will judge entries.

No state application form is necessary. The State Program and Speakers Chairman will prepare two NGC application forms where merited and forward them with the winning yearbooks to the State Awards Chairman no later than January 1.  State Awards Chairman submits yearbook winners in each category to the Regional Awards Chairman by the Regional Deadline.  The Regional Awards Chairman sends the name of the winning entry in each category (not actual yearbook) to NGC Awards Chairman.


  Practical, convenient size for membership, durable, neat.  Yearbooks may be stapled, spiral, or 3-ring binders.  Material should be well placed with ample margins, and font size suitable for members to read. 2 pts
  Include name of club, town, state organization, year, and appealing design. If 3-ring binder cover is used, substitute with paper cover and include required information listed above, and so note. 2 pts
  Include name of club, town, state organization, year, and number of dues paying members, and affiliated organizations (district, state, region, NGC, other). If state and national dues are paid on associate/inactive/honorary members, they are counted in the total membership. 2 pts
  Number the yearbook pages and list topics on Contents Page. 1 pt
  In any order most useful to members and best fit for page placement.  Information in a club yearbook should be in logical order.  National and State information does not have to be in front. 1 pt
  Complete mailing addresses, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses (if applicable). Avoid crowding.  Suggestion to save space: “All area codes are ____ and postal zip codes are _____, unless otherwise noted.” 2 pts
  Name of the NGC President, the theme of the administration, and a referral to the NGC website for further information. 1 pt
  Name of the Region Director, theme of Region and referral to the Region website; name of the State President, theme of the State President and referral to the State website. 2 pts

  List dates and locations for district/state/region/national meetings and events to encourage members to attend and to eliminate the setting of conflicting dates. 2 pts
  Topics should cover a variety of NGC goals and objectives, such as Birds, Blue Star Memorials, Butterflies, Conservation, Environment, Floral Design, Horticulture Therapy, Horticulture, Design, etc.  
  1. Meets minimum number of meetings required by state 3 pts
  2. List date and time of meeting, location with address 3 pts
  3. List name of speaker/s, qualifications (brief), program title 3 pts
  4. Variety of program topics, (theme not required) 14 pts
            A. Variety of styles of programs (lectures, tours, etc.) 12 pts
            B. Variety of speakers (specialists, members, etc.) 14 pts
PROJECTS Projects involve actual membership participation that benefit the community and further NGC Goals and Objectives.  Some fundraisers (sale of bulbs, bedding plants, herbs, etc.) may help to beautify the community, as well as produce revenue for clubs.  Some fundraisers may help promote NGC Member Services, as well as publicize our organization and goals. Certain social activities may lead to membership increase.  State such in descriptions.  
  1. List continuing and new projects (a club is not required to have new projects) 15 pts
  2. Give brief word description of projects:  Include location, name of chairman, how members participate, list of donations (if applicable), in-kind donations (if applicable), plans for maintenance (if applicable), etc. 20 pts
OPTIONS  (No points given)  
  Could fill available space.  Some clubs include bylaws, budget, fundraising, roll call, former club presidents. Club theme: If theme is used, it should be evident throughout the book.  Themes may be interpreted with monthly program topics and/or titles, graphics, quotes.  Projects do not need to be limited to theme.  
  NGC Mission Statement, NGC Conservation Pledge, NGC Environmental Mission Statement, NGC Water Conservation Platform, List of members who are Life Members in state, region, NGC Awards received the previous year  
TOTAL   100 pts

Page last updated: July 22, 2020