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Website Redesign

Do you know how to create websites that stand out in a crowd?
Do you have a passion for assisting nonprofits?
If so, we have an opportunity for you!

 The Proposal Submission Deadline has Past.

The Garden Club of Indiana, Inc. is currently accepting proposals from independent contractors for a paid project to assist us in redesigning our website, Our Mission is to stimulate knowledge of gardening; aid in the protection of trees, plants and birds; and to promote civic beautification. We believe in the power of gardens, plants and flowers to soothe, heal and inspire. This is a unique opportunity to stretch your technical and creative muscles and help us to expand our reach to more people.

The current The Garden Club of Indiana, Inc. (TGCI) website was created and is maintained by the dedicated work of a small number of volunteers. It served TGCI well as a communications tool with members. TGCI now would like to update the site to be dual-focused (members and public alike). TGCI would like to expand the creative imagery and provide navigation that is easy for most anyone to find what they are looking for. TGCI has already completed the process to review the platform and have determined that Word Press (with standard plug-ins) will continue to be TGCI’s platform. We are currently accepting proposals from independent contractors to help us with our redesign. The objectives for our new website are:

  1. A site that is visually appealing to the general public while providing compelling, accurate content about the TGCI.
  2. A site that is easily navigable for the general public and for members.
  3. A site that provides a password-protected area for member-only content.
  4. A site that brings our social media content automatically to the landing page through a bridge such as Twine Social or Juicer.
  5. A site that, once redesigned, can be updated easily by a volunteer (or volunteers) who are knowledgeable about WordPress, but not expert.

All proposals are due back to The Garden Club of Indiana by November 13, 2020.  The deadline has past and The Garden Club of Indiana is now considering all submissions.