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Trees for Life

"Trees for Life" was the 2013-2015 State Project. Garden clubs across Indiana were  invited to apply for funds to plant new trees in public spaces in their communities. The State Board designated $4,200 for the project, for a total of two awards per district. NEWS UPDATE! The State Board approved an additional $4,200 in June 2014 for 14 more tree grants! Guidelines

  • Tree must be planted in a public space. Sponsoring garden club should determine which local public space for the tree planting.
  • Sponsoring garden club must hold an Arbor Day or other public educational program coinciding or coordinated with the tree dedication.
  • The Garden Club of Indiana must be acknowledged as a sponsor and collaborator in this effort.
  • Sponsoring garden club must raise or obtain donation (in-kind or actual) of at least $100. These funds may come from treasury of sponsoring garden club to aid in planting or care of the tree; donation of labor by the nurseryman planting the tree; or some other actual or in-kind donation. The $100 donation shows the commitment of the sponsoring club to care for the tree on an ongoing basis.
  • Sponsoring club commits to educating public about "not topping trees" and other issues of tree care.
  • Sponsoring club/recieving entity must be a 501(c)3 or 501(c)4 organization and provide proof of tax-exempt status.

All applications were reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis. The Garden Club of Indiana, Inc., reserves the right to review or reject any application deemed ineligible. 


Grant Winners To Date

  • Garden Club of Marion, Marion (Central East District)
  • New Harmony Garden Club, New Harmony (Southwest District)
  • Sullivan Garden Club, Sullivan (Central West District)
  • Syracuse-Wawasee Garden Club, Syracuse (North Central District)
  • Four Winds Garden Club, Elkhart (North Central District)
  • Duneland Garden Club, Chesterton (North West District)
  • Hobart Garden Club, Hobart (North West District)
  • Middlebury Garden Club, Middlebury (North Central District)
  • Newburgh Garden Club, Newburgh (South West District)
  • Fort Benjamin’s Blossoms, Indianapolis (Central District)
  • Green Thumb Garden Club, Princeton (Southwest District)
  • Petal and Stem Garden Club, Richmond (Central East District)
  • Fayette Garden Club, Connersville (South East District)