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Award Rules

AWARDS YEAR: January 1 to December 31 annually (except where noted in the description of awards).

ELIGIBILITY: Districts, clubs or groups of clubs, councils and individuals who are in good standing with The Garden Club of Indiana, Inc. (TGCI) are eligible to apply for any awards.

i    small club:     29 and under members
ii   medium club: 30-59 members
iii  large club:      60-99
iv  ex-large:        100 members and over

PLEASE NOTE:  Books of evidence are no longer permitted except where noted.


  • There is a three-page limit, using only the front of the page.
  • Binders and vinyl sheet protectors are not allowed. Exceptions noted.
  • Applications will not be returned.  Exceptions noted.
  • Applications may be submitted electronically to the appropriate state committee chairman where applicable.
  • Clubs may apply for a State award and any corresponding NGC award.  When applying for both, the applicant must include one State and two NGC application forms.  Clubs may also apply for Central Region awards, for which one application form is required. 
  • For more information and application forms consult:

    State Awards:
    NGC Awards:
    Central Region Awards:


  • Complete the application form.  Submit the original form, typewritten preferred, three (3) pages, front only, to the appropriate state committee chairman by the deadline.  Digital submission preferred.  If submitting by mail, include original and one copy, keeping a third copy for your records. 
  • When the same project is eligible for various awards, submitting exact duplication of the application is not acceptable.  However, a project, when merited, may receive more than one award.
  • Refer to individual award descriptions for these exceptions: 

                                      CLUB ACHIEVEMENT

                                      FLOWER SHOW ACHIEVEMENT

                                      FLOWER SHOW SCHEDULE

                                      HONEYWELL HORTICULTURAL


                                      MEMBERSHIP AND PROMOTION                                  





DEADLINES: Completed application forms with supporting data showing proof of work done must be sent to the appropriate committee chairman by the due date listed in the description of each award. Late entries will not be judged.


EXCEPTIONS:  Amy Little Mason Wildflower, Bev Kelver Arbor, Flower Show Achievement, Honeywell Horticultural, Membership and Promotion, Publications, Scrapbook, Yearbook

Presentation 5 pts:                      
Neat, concise, includes all required information on Application Form (three (3) pages allowed) or the Book of Evidence, if required. 

Achievement 65 pts:                    
Scope of project; need and fulfillment; benefit; accomplishment;
comprehensiveness of work; activities to attain goals; evaluation of goals reached; educational; prior planning; very brief history if continuing project;financial report; other.   

Participation 15 pts:                    
Size of club; involvement of members, community, government agencies, professionals, youth, residents in facilities, others.  Not all of these have to
be involved.   
Record or Documentation 15 pts:
Supporting data (as applicable), clear, well-labeled and neatly attached
before & after photographs if applicable, landscape plan (does not have to be professionally drawn), financial report, letters of appreciation, community awards, newspaper/magazine articles (if possible), radio or TV script (if possible), etc.  Photocopies are permitted. 


Districts, clubs or individuals seeking awards will benefit, at the beginning of their projects, by contacting the appropriate state committee chairman.

The evaluating committee should tell the Awards Chairman whether or not the award scores 90, which is the minimum for consideration for a first place award.

Page last updated July 13, 2020