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Membership and Promotion

Awards may be given for the most innovative activity or activities, or most outstanding effort, to increase public visibility; to increase club membership, or to make the public aware of the mission and activities of garden club including membership brochures, leaflets, or any other publication used, as well as any publicity received.  (Printed materials, materials for electronic publication and publicity may be attached in their entirety to the application and are not counted as part of the three-page limit.)

National awards available: MP-1.

Class A.  Single member garden club
   i    small club: 29 members and under
   ii   medium club: 30-59 members
   iii  large club: 60 members and over

Class B.  Group of member clubs, councils, districts

Scale of Points for Judging:

Presentation neat, concise, includes all required information   5 pts
Achievement innovative nature of activities and/or publications; quality of printed materials and contents (includes materials to be published electronically); activities to attain goals; planning and execution of activities and/or publication; any successful publicity obtained 65 pts
Participation size of club; involvement of members, community, professionals, youth, etc., as applicable 15 pts
Record or Documentation supporting data (as applicable), clear, well-labeled and neatly attached photos, if applicable, any printed material created (can include content placed on websites, social media sites, etc.) 15 pts
TOTAL   100 pts

First, second and third place will be given when merited. First place awards in each class will be forwarded for regional competition.  Regional winners will be announced at the NGC Convention and receive NGC certificates of commendation.

Entries are due to the State Public Relations Chairman by December 1.  A committee of three (3) members, including the State Public Relations Chairman, will judge the applications.


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